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Hey, Watchers :)

I think, it's time to spread the word some time, like today :D
A good Friend of mine lately joined dA and is looking for views and
watchers, so I decided to promote her work :)

Have fun watching :)

--> <--

ps.: I would show somewhat of her images, but I'm resticted to do so -> no premium account.
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sooo far i got 2 nice rendrings with yafaray. but still not the way i would like to see it... today i gonna try to make an tube amplified stompbox effect within blender. like this one…

i hope i wont destoy the image with bad textures ...

have a nice day

Edit : so here is one shot of the stompbox :)
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After some chat with ~jylhis I was ready to give Yafaray another try :)

now you can even combine the yafaray renderbuffer with the blender nodes !!! great for me
check the results out, tomorrow
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